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Oakmont Drives

The Leading Driveway Firm

Oakmont Drives specialize in installing new driveways and landscapes across Leicester and the East Midlands at the best possible price. Comprised with glowing testimonials of fulfilment and assurance our team has over 50 years experience continually meeting strict quality guidelines. We take a tremendous amount of pride in our work and have maintained our exceptional reputation by working incredibly hard, clean and courteous.

Our firm offers a range of driveways and landscapes including:
o Black Tarmac
o Red Tarmac
o Block Paving
o Tumble Paving
o Brick Steps
o Doorway Patterns
o Entrance Patterns
o Landscaping
o Patios
o Fencing & Gates
o Walls
o ACO Drainage  
We don’t accept upfront payments or deposits and our original agreement is always honoured. All of our work is fully covered by an insurance backed 10-year guarantee.

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black tarmac driveway leicester

Black Tarmac

red tarmac driveway leicester

Red Tarmac

block paving driveway leicester

Block Paving

brick steps paving leicester

Tumble Paving

black tarmac driveay leicester

Brick Steps

doorway patterns on driveway in leicester

Doorway Patterns

entrance patterns on driveways leicester

Entrance Patterns

landscaping in leicester


patios leicester


fencing and gates in leicester

Fencing & Gates

brick walls built in leicester


aco drains installed on drives in leicester

ACO Drainage

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